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Online consultation with Jhara - Mayan Astrology and Vedic Astrology in Antony today. 5-10 years of practicing of Vedic Astrology. I was born with planetary alignments with extreme sensitivity. I have always had the ability to call on sunlight, rain, and thunder, to protect people, as well as other spirits. It is my duty in life to use my psychic powers to help others. Along with studying astrology for many years, I use my connection with the psychic realm to answer questions, call on people who are far away or out of contact, sense their emotions, and provide you with clarity and answers. I am a telepath, and can communicate with other psychics in free chat through psychic channels as well as through writing and speaking. In order to contact spirits, I envision a face in my mind and knock on the door before their apparition. I take a step back and then wait for them to return my call. I don’t spy, invade, or manipulate other spirits, which makes my readings of very pure intentions. I don’t do curses. I don’t answer questions that are useless - test questions to which you already know the answer. If you are trying to get me to contact your spirit, but do not answer the call, do to my non-invasive practice, I will leave your spirit alone. My intentions are to provide clarity, and usually from a multitude of spirit sources, I will provide you with many answers. I love helping with career path, relationship questions, and finding inherent psychic powers. I am an astrologer, studied, not just in the new age or medieval European texts, but in a cross-cultural analysis of astrology throughout the world, going back 4000 years to ancient Mesopotamia, through Timbuktu, Madagascar, and the Islamic world. I am not tethered to the past, and bridge the history with modern technology, like satellite photography as well as my own stargazing and experiences. I believe it is important for you to know me before you go to private chat with me. You can talk to me in free chat and ask me any questions you want, but I do not want to force you to only talk to me. There are psychics of all personalities on this site, and I am only appealing for some people. To find more clarity about my soul, and also see a little preview of how I can do your charts, I will tell you that I was born on March 27, 1995 at 19:32 EST. In sidereal astrology, my chart reads: Sun in Al Fargh al Thani, Moon in Al S`ad al Su`ud, Mercury in Al Fargh al Mukdim, Venus in Al S`ad al Su`ud, Mars in Al Tarf, Jupiter in Al Kalb, Saturn in Al Fargh al Mukdim. If you search the Oranum search bar for each of these names, you can find images from the Hubble Space Telescope of the sun’s path through these signs. I prefer to help people in free chat and accept private chats as donations of support. I have done years of research and psychic exercise, which I believe all the psychics on Oranum should all be appreciated for, but I don’t want to force people to pay for clarity. I am open to talking to people in free chat, as long as they don’t push others out or harrass me. When you come into free chat, it is helpful to give me your date of birth, place of birth, and if you know your time of birth, as well as the same information for a person with whom you are interested in a compatibility chart. It saves time in private chats to set up my charts in free chat, and also so that you get to know my style and if you like me. A chart is a map of the planets’ positions at the moment of your birth. We are reflections of sunlight, moonlight, and planetary light, each of which are largely reflections of starlight energy. With this map, I can predict accurately things that will happen in your relationships, both bad and good. Sidereal astrology is different than western astrology in that each of the planetary positions in a western chart are moved back 23˚. This adjusts the positions to the present positions from the positions when earth’s axis was tilting a different direction in ancient Rome. If you are stargazing or using a sky-view app, you will see the sidereal positions, and sidereal positions are what NASA and astrologers around the world use. The present dates and dates back to 500AD of the sun's transits are as follows: Pisces from around March 14-April 13 Aries from around April 13-May 14 Taurus from around May 14- June 15 Gemini from around June 15-July 16 Cancer from around July 16-August 16 Leo from around August 16-September 16 Virgo from around September 16-October 17 Libra from around October 17-November 16 Scorpio from around November 16-December 15 Sagittarius from around December 15-January 14 Capricorn from around January 14-February 12 Aquarius from around February 12-March 14

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